Molecular Biology Department

Accuracy Plus is also one of the few DOH-approved molecular laboratory in UAE that is fortified with state-of-the-art PCR machines for COVID-19 tests to produce real time test results. We are capable of providing simultaneous detection of up to 4 targeted genes with the most accurate and sensitive PCR reagents. The tests to diagnose COVID-19 have been improving significantly over time in terms of accuracy, quality, and efficiency with most of the tests emphasizing on diagnosing patients with symptoms of active viral infections.

It is molecular-based diagnostics that are able to discover different types of active infections because these diagnostics informs the researchers about the presence and nature of the pathogen. This is made possible by identifying and understanding the genetic material of the pathogen or the unique identifiers of the pathogen itself. When it comes to SARS-CoV-2, the identifiable genetic material is its ribonucleic acid that stays within the body only if the pathogen is still replicating.

At Accuracy, we are primed and fortified well to offer all types of molecular biological tests as per the requirements of the patrons in any number as needed. With qualified and certified professionals with years of experience and state of the art tools and equipment, we are always on the forefront to help our patrons no matter what their testing and diagnostic requirements are.