An integral part of any biologic studies, immunology is the branch that studies the immune system of the body. When it comes to diagnosing diseases and medical testing, immunology assumes greater importance that other branches of biological studies. As this is a highly important area, these must be carried out with skilled and qualified professionals. At Accuracy Plus, that is what we do. We not only employ the most experienced, trained, and academic qualified professionals to carry out a variety of immunology tests, but also extensive use cutting edge tools and equipment.

Our commitment to offer accurate and timely results as per the unique needs of our patrons has helped us create a stature for our services in the market as the most reliable medical laboratory in UAE. Accuracy Plus has been on the forefront of medical laboratory services and testing for years now and we understand how to support and help each of our patrons who come to avail our services.

We carry out a plethora of disease diagnosis and testing services at Accuracy Plus conforming to the global standards accepted by the medical community of the world. This global standards of service and our ability to deliver test results as quickly as possible help us stay among the best laboratories in the country.