accuracy plus medical lab

Haematology is a branch of biology that studies about blood and blood disorders. At Accuracy Plus, we have an experienced and trained team of haematology experts who can carry out any type of blood tests to determine any abnormalities in blood, blood proteins, and blood-making organs. Blood tests are often relied on by physicians and medical practitioners to understand a plethora of diseases and conditions in human being. Therefore, haematology tests are an integral part of any disease identification and diagnosis.

Haematology tests are widely used in the world to diagnose such health conditions as leukaemia, infection, anaemia, blood-clot disorders, haemophilia, and many others. Diverse tests must be used to identify each of the disorders.

At Accuracy, we have some of the most sophisticated and cutting edge testing equipment and methods to ensure that the tests are accurate. Further, our team tries to understand everything that needs to be done to carry out all the tests required to be done as per the instructions of our patrons’ doctors. Conforming to global standards of clinical testing and haematology assessments, we are among the best medical laboratories in the UAE always providing the best results for our patrons at all times.