Clinical Biochemistry

Dealing with the many chemical and physio-chemical reactions happening inside living organisms, clinical biochemistry is an important branch of study in biology. At Accuracy Plus, we offer a variety of biochemical tests as per the needs and requirements of our patrons. We utilize a variety of equipment and scientifically-proven methodologies to carry out the many biochemical tests at our facilities with the help of cutting edge equipment. We also have a highly experienced, qualified, and certified professionals. As such we are always able to deliver the most accurate results for our patrons as per the testing and diagnostic requirements they have.

One of the major aspects that make us different from the rest of the laboratories and testing centres in the country is the fact that we always adhere to scientific methods and techniques to carry out the tests. We also have a highly sophisticated quality assurance system that conforms to even the loftiest of benchmarks established in the global medical community.

Our team of veteran healthcare professionals and clinicians ensure that the results that we come up with are accurate and delivered timely for our patrons. No matter what how challenging your biochemical diagnosis requirements are, we are always there to help you professionally.