Cobas E 411 Analyser
Snibe Maglumi 2000

Cobas E 411 Analyser

Cobas E 411 Analyser uses a patented ElectroChemiLuminescence (ECL) technology to carry out a plethora of immunoassay analyses as per the testing requirements of the patrons. As the equipment is a fully-automated, we are able to render the tests quickly and efficiently without any delays. At Accuracy Plus Medical Laboratory, we use the equipment extensive for a variety of in vitro assay assessments as per the testing requirements that include such conditions as anaemia, maternal care, diverse tumour markers, critical healthcare, and infectious diseases. As the analyser is also highly reliable with lower maintenance, Cobas E 411 Analyser is a true addition to our equipment forte at the facility.

Snibe Maglumi 2000

The Snibe MAGLUMI 2000 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) System (FDA approved) offers mid-size and large hospitals an alternative to conventional radioimmunoassay test methods. The MAGLUMI 2000 utilizes ABEI Labeling Technology and Magnetic Microbead Separation Technology.

  • Maglumi 2000 provides the large test menu, Capable of being extended according to your requirements
  • Quality guarantee by third party quality control and External Quality Assessment (EQA)
  • Key technologies: ABEI and nano magnetic microbead enhances stability and sensitivity of MAGLUMI magnets. MAGLUMI 2000 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System Test Technology
  • ABEI Labeling Technology
  • The MAGLUMI CLIA System applies ABEI labels. ABEI is a non-enzyme small molecule with a special molecular formula that enhances stability in acid and alkaline solutions. The chemical reaction process of ABEI using Sodium Hydrozide (NaOH) and hyperoxide (H2O2) finishes in three seconds. Magnetic Microbead Separation Technology
  • MAGLUMI utilizes magnetic microbead separation technology. This separation technology is widely used in the field of CLIA. Compared with traditional technologies, it has the following advantages.
  • Shortens the reaction time by enlarging the reaction area of reagents and antibodies.
  • Enhances the sensitivity by better and faster capturing of antigens and antibodies.
  • Reduces the inter or intra-assay discrepancies significantly by mixing the reagents thoroughly in a liquid separation platform.