Since it’s inception in 2017 at Abu Dhabi, Accuracy Plus Medical Laboratory is an all-inclusive diagnostic and medical testing centre looking to bring high-quality, matchless tools for healthcare diagnostics.

Our diagnostic centres and facilities are filled with state-of-the-art equipment pieces driving impeccable and cutting-edge technology. In addition, all our testing facilities and processes are handily taken care of by the most experienced, and skill technicians who know what they are doing. What makes us different from the rest of the testing centres is our ability to adhere to global standards of testing and diagnostics to bring the most accurate, reliable, and flawless test results. This ensures that we can help our patrons in early disease identification and diagnosis.

Our comprehensive and top-notch medical diagnosis services are made available for individuals, medical practitioners, and healthcare institutes across UAE. We have a strong philosophy of providing the most accurate results and reports to our clients and this has taken us to the forefront of the medial diagnosis industry. As we understand the importance of each report that we deliver, we have created a singular system where reports are delivered with quick turn-around-time. This quality consciousness has helped us organize extensive fleet logistics services to timely collect samples and deliver the reports as swiftly as possible.

At Accuracy Plus, we put the conveniences and requirements of the clients at the centre of our service delivery. This is the major reason we go the extra mile to offer superior quality, operational excellent, and affordable services just the way our patrons need.