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Dedicated to providing

Quality Lab Services

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Dedicated to providing

Quality Lab Services

Welcome to Accuracy Plus

We Thrive To Increase Efficiency Of Laboratory Testing By Implementing International Best Practice For Laboratory Operations And Setting The Benchmark For Quality Standards In The Region.


To become the global leader in Clinical Laboratory Medicine by providing high quality standards to all our patients, clients and Healthcare providers.


To implement efficient, ethical and transparent means of international best practice in providing Accurate and Precise world class diagnostics services at competitive prices in timely manner. Also, to provide consultation, trainings and technical assistance for all clinical laboratory professionals.


At APML, We are committed to work towards a common goal of Total Customer Satisfaction by providing diagnostic services with precise investigation, Quality, speed, accuracy, safety, integrity and courtesy.

Why Choose Us?

Scientific excellence

Validated specialised analytical methods

Customised solutions

Diligent but rapid service


With fully Automated laboratory systems


Price afforable


Top medical Ranked laboratory in UAE.

Accreditations & Certifications

Our focus on quality is our number one priority

Our Equipments

The latest state-of-the-art machinery, operated by qualified and experienced laboratory technicians ensuring that test results are accurate, available on time and that our processes are efficient and reliable.

Our features & promise

We promise professionalism, clarity and to act in the interest of our patients. We foster a corporate culture that attracts, empowers, rewards high-caliber employees, and incentivizes them to provide high quality and competitive service.

Qualiy Assurance

We are guided by single motto "Quality is not an act but a habit". There is no place for error and we strive to achieve and maintain highest quality standards of excellence.


To bring every state of the art technology in clinical laboratory medicine within the reach of the common man across UAE and offer unique services by creating and delivering unmatched editions.


Passion is the burning force that keeps us going no matter what happens. We have self-confidence and a firm belief in abilities.


We work in an open, honest, ethical, courteous and carrying way


We are committed to achieving the highest standards in everything we do.

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